San Francisco's Ferry Building

Our next mission was to visit the famous Ferry Building, which is an enormous indoor market filled with incredible vendors of all kinds. It is really quite impressive and we short-changed ourselves by limiting our visit to the amount of time our parking meter dictated: 1 hour.

A bit overwhelmed at first, we ordered drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee company, and then were set to see the sights.

Cappuccino and iced americano, courtesy Blue Bottle Coffee Co

The place is teeming with beautiful objects, some natural, some man-made, all photo-worthy. From Mushrooms, cheeses, charcuterie, breads, teas, coffees, ceramics, gelato, you name it, you can find it at the Ferry Building.

By the end of our parking meter hour, we'd only scratched the surface, but hurried back to avoid parking ticket number 2.