The Hawthorne Gallery in Big Sur

Just off of the super-scenic Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur, the modern Hawthorne Gallery stands as an artist beacon. Loren knows the Hawthorne family through Taylor Hawthorne, a good friend from RISD, who majored in sculpture and who comes from a very talented family. We had to stop in and say "hi" at the gallery, which is owned and operated by Greg Hawthorne, Taylor's father, and the rest of the family. A renowned painter/sculptor, Greg moved his family to Big Sur in the 80s and since then they have labored to create a beautiful and serene estate, equipped with a gallery and sculpture garden, a guest house that is featured on the cover of a book (Handmade Houses), an incredible studio/work area, and a stunning house.

Greg was kind enough to give us a tour of the grounds. It's hard not to gush, because the entire family is incredibly talented and has the kind of vision and drive that form the foundation to immense success and happiness. To say that it was inspirational would be an understatement. We were a little too embarrassed to be snapping photos of everything, but the impressions will certainly last.