Out of Glacier

We packed up our camp as quickly as possible, to minimize exposure in the 30-degree rainy cold weather. Leaving our campsite without even making breakfast, we made one last stop at the St. Mary’s visitor center, where we confirmed our suspicion that the weather across the park was equally dismal. So we cut our stay in Glacier a bit shorter than expected, and set out hungry, cold, and eager to land in a breakfast cafe.

We were out of luck. Passing through Browning, a small and rough-looking Reservation town, there was nothing. By the time we reached the next town, over an hour later, it was lunch time and we desperately needed something. So we stopped in Choteau and got a much needed but not great lunch - no photos necessary.

Montana Cows

Continuing south, we stopped in Augusta, MT, on a recommendation from Kristen’s aunt. Wishing we’d held out on lunch til here, we thoroughly enjoyed the Latigo and Lace store, with its cappuccino bar and wide variety of schwag for sale, including ceramics, furs (a bit depressing but still impressive), paintings, books, and more. We could’ve spent hours here, but hopped back onto the road toward Bozeman, where we had a fast-approaching dinner date with Kristen’s extended family.