Road Trippers

The Subaru, Thule and UsRequisite pre-roadtrip photo.

We officially started our road trip yesterday! After packing the shiny new rooftop carrier with camping and climbing gear, and filling the trunk with the rest of our stuff, we left the cats with my mom at the lake and set off on our adventure. The roadside farm crops slowly morphed from soy and corn to tobacco and cotton, and we were greeted in SC by 3 substantial thunderstorms before arriving at Loren’s dad’s house in Bluffton, near Hilton Head Island.  For the record, we logged 7 hrs Subee time and crossed two state borders (Note: it’s sort of not the same crossing into SC without the fanfare of South of the Border). During our stay here, I’m on the lookout for some wildlife (read: GATORS) in or near the ponds which dot the local golf country landscape.  Loren almost made off with a new pet, when a little frog jumped onto the car windshield while we were our way back from dinner.

Welcome to SC – wait, no SOTB?!?

Froggie friend.

Today, we venture into lovely Savannah for a day of southern comforts.  Can't wait to sample Paula Deen’s fried green tomatoes!!