Among Giants in Sequoia (Plus a Quick Dip)

Huge Sequoia Tree It's not that easy to get to Sequoia National Park (only two roads in, both from the west), but it's well worth a visit. Only a few hours from Yosemite, but far less crowded, it boasts scores of magnificent Giant Sequoia trees, some of the biggest trees on Earth. General Sherman, while not the widest or tallest, is the largest living tree (by volume) in the world.

General Sherman, largest tree in the world (giant sequoia)

Their bark is fibrous, thick and fire-resistant. And their pinecones are amazing. According to the internet, a mature giant sequoia has about 11,000 cones at any given time, and can disperse 300,000–400,000 seeds per year!

Giant Sequoia Pinecone

Camping at Dorst Creek Campground was absolutely perfect. The spot in which we chose to settle down happened to start a trail leading down into the forest. At the end of the 5-minute hike was a magical oasis: a peaceful creek consisting of waterfalls trickling over smooth rock and a large wading pool.

Sequoia - Dorst Creek

The next morning, we awoke early and ate a quick breakfast before heading back to paradise for a bath (it had been 3 days without a shower!). It was bitter cold but wonderfully refreshing!

sequoia creek

sequoia camping loren sitting by the creek

P.S. Can you name the only tree that has all five vowels?