Austin: New Favorite City?

The results are in: Austin is amazing. We definitely need to live here at some point. In the few hours that we spent around town, we walked the super-cool S. Congress strip, ate the best tacos ever [Torchy’s at the South Austin Trailer Park, a food truck/trailer haven], splurged on a "cake shake" [exactly what you think: cake blended into a milkshake], recharged after our sugar coma with delicious iced coffee at a place known for hot dogs [Frank’s, the coolest restaurant/bar/cafe/music venue we’ve ever been to] and found the house of our dreams [a deal at $700K, slightly out of reach, considering our zero-income status right now]. Austin has won the city challenge so far. Special shout-out to Matt Fedor for the air mattress and awesome hospitality!

Selection at Allens Boots on S. Congress

We didn't even need candy...the rich sugary aromas were enough!

Food trucks abound

Torchy's trailer

Kristen's pick at Torchy's: the "Trailer Park", served "trashy"

Loren's Torchy's taco: The Crossroads

Iced coffees at Frank's

With the host! Thanks for everything!!