Getting a Taste of LYFE

After reading a great article in Wired Magazine about ex-McDonald’s executives starting up a new restaurant concept called LYFE Kitchen, we knew we had to try it (or, rather, Loren made us go). Their flagship location (and one-and-only so far, though they plan to open hundreds in the next couple years) is in Palo Alto, CA, and we were on our way in that direction anyway.

The founders of LYFE have a lot of knowledge about the fast food business from their experience running McDonald’s, but have thankfully chosen to apply it to a new (and better) system of food service. Instead of supporting unhealthy foods and evil factory farming, LYFE is supporting the next phase of eating: healthier food and local, organic, sustainable farming. In fact, their name stands for Love Your Food Everyday.

The place had a welcoming feel with beautiful interior design using natural materials, an array of herbs and spices growing, a wide-open view into the kitchen area, and quotes about food printed on the walls (including one of Loren's favorites, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"). We wanted to sample a few different items, you know, just to see, so we ordered a few different things at the front counter, where they asked our name and gave us a coaster to take to our table. The tables are equipped to correspond with our coaster, so the servers know where to deliver the food.

A few moments later (not as fast as McDonald’s, but who cares?) our summery cucumber mint cooler arrived, and a few minutes after that, the rest of our food. We shared an Asian-inspired noodly brothy fish dish and a little gluten-free margherita pizza. Both were fresh and tasty.

On our way out, we couldn’t resist getting one more thing for the road, you know, just to see, so we ordered baked sweet potato fries, which comes with agave ketchup. They were so delicious and so much healthier than their McDonald’s counterpart: salty white potatoes with high fructose corn syrup ketchup.

Even though LYFE’s prices don’t really compare with conventional fast food joints, we sincerely hope LYFE catches on and makes people more aware of their food choices; to put the quality of their food and the source of their food above price. For a healthier life and a healthier planet.