Albuquerque: Vacation from our vacation

Albuquerque was such a good rest stop for us, offering a soft bed, cool house, warm shower, full kitchen, wireless, and a chance to see more of the Olympics. After sleeping ourselves out of the sleep debt we’d accrued while tent camping/acclimating to the high elevation, we made breakfast and set off for the climbing gym to start “training” for our upcoming outdoorsy lifestyle in Colorado.

Tired after a few routes

From the gym, we met Loren’s mom for sparkling wine tasting at Gruet Winery, where we loosened up, and then to REI for some camping supplies. To top off the spoiling, Kristen was treated to a mani-pedi.

Sampling some bubbly

For dinner, the group went to the quirky and fun Range Cafe for delicious food and clever drinks. Below are some highlights.

Appetizer: Green Chili Strips w/creamy cilantro sauce (a must-try!)

Margs. Can you guess which one was Loren's? (hint: it's pink)

Coconut-cranberry mojito, a perfect combination of the best flavors ever.

Loren's adorable grandparents, aka Mom and Papi

Day two started with renewed energy. The Subaru (aka Subie) got its oil change, Kristen practiced yoga for the first time since setting off on the trip, and we made it to Petroglyph National Monument just before the visitor center closed. Because of the sun glare, the glyphs were a little trickier to find! Afterwards, the whole group made it out to dinner at Pasion Latin Fusion, where we shared 2 bottles of wine and some delicious plates for dinner.

Good company, good weather, good food, good drink. Thanks so much to Vilma and Jim for being our generous hosts!