Pre-Roadtrip Laketime

Smith Mountain Lake has been the perfect remedy in the aftermath of our stressful packing/cleaning/moving process.  It's a place that exudes happiness, excitement, and pure zen. And for anyone who dares to get behind the boat or jetskiis for tubing, waterskiing, or wakeboarding, there's always the challenge to hold on!  We are so happy we've gotten to spend the past few days here with the Leary Fam, during which time we've been able to catch some Olympics, relax, play in the water, and get ready for the upcoming adventure. AND it's been a wakeup call that we need to get some more exercise: just one session of watersports has both of us groaning when we lift our arms.


Thanks, SML, for the good weather, the taste of what's to come, and the inspiration to pursue a more active lifestyle. Next stop, SC!